Strong, credible, competitive campaigns for state and local Democratic candidates and progressive causes. Affordably.

World-class tools, training, services and support normally available only to big-dollar campaigns is finally available for all campaigns, DECs and progressive organizations.

Whether you're campaigning for school board in a town of 2,000; or for mayor in a city of two million; or pushing an important ballot initiative in your state or community, Bold Blue Media understands your needs and is ready to help.

Our variable pricing model ensures that our services are affordably priced at a level that makes sense for your type of campaign.

We're not interested in selling you products. We're interested in helping you win. That means we not only give you access to a set of integrated, comprehensive resources that gives your campaign the best chance of success, but you and your staff and volunteers all benefit from ready access to our friendly, passionate and deeply experienced staff at every step of the way.  

It all begins with a phone call.


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Whether you're a candidate, a potential candidate, a cause organization or group of citizens organizing to advance progressive policy in your community or state, we can help. Visit the about page to learn more. Even if you are not running for office or spearheading a progressive initiative, you can advance this movement by supporting what we do. Our supporters help us cover the cost of overhead so that candidate and cause fees don't have to. Whatever you're doing, there's a way to get involved in this grassroots movement by partnering with Bold Blue Media. 



We're taking a revolutionary new approach to electoral success by implementing a collective, grassroots strategy for creating progress community by community, state by state. 

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 Affordable world-class campaign services are only possible because of our magazine subscribers, who believe that together, it's possible to build a progressive America from the bottom up. 

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