Strong, credible, competitive campaigns for state and local Democratic candidates and progressive causes. Affordably.

There are 38,911 state and municipal general purpose governments and 12,881 school boards. 

Our state legislatures and municipal governments are where so many decisions are being made that affect our lives everyday. But far too many Democratic candidates lack the resources and support to run strong, competitive campaigns.

Bold Blue Media Alliance has set out to change that.  

We're proud to deliver our campaign services exclusively to smaller, lower-profile Democratic candidates and progressive cause campaigns. Through the grassroots support of people who care about advancing progress in our states and communities, these candidates and causes have access to resources normally reserved for high-profile, deep-pocketed campaigns. 

Whether you're running for office, thinking of running for office, have ballot initiative campaign or a community issue you need help amplifying; or whether you believe, like we do, that we must fight in every race, in every state and district in America - you've found the right place. 

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